Apartment Complex Landscapes: The Benefits of an Outdoor Fire Feature

Want your tenants to brag about their great apartment on Instagram?

Add an outdoor fire feature.

These days, attracting the best renters and keeping up with the competition is all about amenities that make life fun. And that includes outdoor fire features for apartment landscapes.
Whether it’s a fire pit or a fireplace, an outdoor fire feature adds a real boost to your apartment complex landscaping.

Here’s how fire features improve apartment complex landscapes:

1. Outdoor Fire Features are Crowd Pleasers

Everybody’s entranced by flickering flames, a chance to gather with friends, and the promise of a gooey, warm s’more.
Flickering Fire
When the sun starts to set, there’s no more magical place than a welcoming, mesmerizing fire and a place to meet up for fun conversation and laughter.

It could be enough to make the difference between a tenant signing a lease and passing you by for the more enticing place across town.

2. Outside Gatherings Are Safer Than Inside

These days, everybody wants to gather outside.

Science tells us it’s safer during these times of Covid-19 to get together in groups outside than indoors. Outdoor fire features create the perfect place for safe interaction.

3. An Outdoor Fire Feature Extends the Seasons

When you have a fire pit or a fireplace with toasty, welcoming flames, nobody minds if there’s a nip in the air. Scoot a little closer to the fire and enjoy some outdoor time year round. It’s perfect for a fall get-together or a Christmas Eve hot cocoa party — a factor tenants will love.Community fire pit with seating

4. Outdoor Fire Features Add More Usable Living Space

When you live in a small apartment, you love any chance to extend your living space. Add outdoor landscaping with a fire feature and boom — suddenly tenants have a second living room.

5. Fire Features Are Social Media Magnets

Everybody loves to post cool selfies on social media that show them having fun, looking good, and showing off their great surroundings.

Outdoor fire features are the perfect setting — which means free advertising for you.

Don’t Forget the Perfect Surroundings

A fire feature is a great start to your inviting outdoor space, but it’s just the beginning of great apartment complex landscape design.
outdoor common area with fireplace
Add plenty of outdoor seating. Some big, impressive planters packed with colorful flowers that change with the seasons. Strings of twinkling lights overhead that automatically signal festive fun.

Outdoor Fire Feature Safety

Follow a few important safety measures to keep your tenants safe:

  • Be sure your fire feature is located in an open area, away from buildings and trees.
  • Have a fire extinguisher or hose nearby.
  • Require the use of a fire screen.
  • Make sure to extinguish fires completely, with water, after every use.

Ready to Add Fun with Outdoor Fire Features? Trust North by Northwest

Landscape construction is where we shine. If you’re part of the construction boom in the Austin area, we have the fire pits, the patios, the rooftop gardens and all the amenities you need to compete with the most desirable properties in town.

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We’d love to partner with you to make your landscaping impressive and your job hassle-free.

And once we add the perfect outdoor fire features to your apartment complex landscape design, please save us a s’more. Actually, three.

Are you ready for stress-free landscaping in Austin, TX? Schedule a time to meet with one of our experts today. We’ll gather the details, create a customized plan just for you, and you can stop stressing as we improve and beautify your landscaping.

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