8 Tips for a Properly-Functioning Irrigation System at Your Commercial Property in Austin, TX

It’s hot out there. Maybe you’re the type who loves the heat and stores water like a camel, but your landscaping might be gasping for water.

You don’t want your irrigation system letting you down. Miss a couple waterings, and your landscaping is at risk.

Follow these tips to keep you and your landscaping stress free:

1. Stay on Top of Irrigation System Repairs

It costs less to fix a small irrigation system problem than to fix a big one. Common sense, right?

But customers often delay repairs until the problem gets really bad.

You want to save money — we get it. Unexpected irrigation system repairs can take a bite out of your budget.

But let problems linger, and they often get worse, costing you more than if you had them fixed early on.

2. Monthly Irrigation Inspections Really Make a Difference

Your commercial irrigation company should include monthly walk-throughs by their irrigation technician to stay on top of any issues.

Why so often? Here in the Texas heat, irrigation systems work hard. They need frequent check-ups. An irrigation inspection detects the small issues before they turn into big, costly problems.

An irrigation technician will check all your run times to make sure your irrigation system isn’t watering your landscaping too much or too little.
Irrigation technician checking watering run times
They'll run each of your zones for a couple minutes to make sure heads are spraying where they should, no spray heads are leaking or broken, no nozzles are clogged with debris.

They’ll make sure you’re not wasting water. Outdated sprayer heads, leaky valves, and old controllers can pump out more water than your property needs or spray it haphazardly where water isn’t even needed.

Regular inspections keep everything running smoothly — and keep your costs down.

3. Keep Your Irrigation System Running

You might assume giving your irrigation system a rest will save you money.

But here in Texas, we have spells of severe drought. Once the ground dries out, irrigation pipes get brittle and can break.

Any major repairs to fix it will cost more than routine maintenance.

Also, if you don’t stay on top of irrigation, your landscaping will decline, and you’ll face extra costs to replace dead plants and turf.

4. Use a Smart Irrigation System

If you don’t already have a smart irrigation system installed, you’re wasting money. Replace old irrigation controllers with smart irrigation controls that tell your system when to turn on and off.

They don’t start up based on time of day, but use local weather forecasts and your exact landscape conditions, so the watering schedule is exactly right for your landscape.

Today’s smart irrigation technology includes rain sensors that know when nature is watering for you, so they turn off your system to avoid over watering.

Smart irrigation systems save you time, money, and prevent your business from looking wasteful.

5. Don’t Keep Running an Outdated Irrigation System

If your irrigation system has been there a while, you’re probably wasting water.

A good commercial irrigation company will set you up with the latest irrigation technology for smart, efficient watering. Add water-saving nozzles and drip irrigation. Your property will get the right amount of water, without waste.

6. Update Your Irrigation System as Your Landscaping Evolves

Your landscaping changes over time. Plants get bigger. Areas that used to be in the sun might be partly shaded now.

Your irrigation system needs to evolve along with your landscaping to provide proper coverage.

You might need to move irrigation heads or switch them out for a different type.
irrigation sprinklers watering a tree
You might have to raise sprinkler heads higher in the landscape or lower them.

A good commercial Irrigation company can help you figure out how to adapt your irrigation system for its changing surroundings

7. Keep Your Controller Settings Current

It’s easy to set your irrigation system controller, then forget it.

Big mistake.

Your landscaping doesn’t need the same amount of water as the seasons change.

Check all the run times and update the watering schedule for the season, so your system isn’t watering your landscaping too much or too little for the time of year.

In spring, your lawn and landscape don’t need the same amount of water as they do in the scorching heat of summer. And when the temperature drops in the fall, you need to readjust your system, so it delivers less water.

8. Hire a Commercial Irrigation Company Picky About Details

Details make the difference.

We use a larger pipe size than most of our competitors, to make sure your irrigation system has maximum flow rate.

You need your commercial property to look green, healthy, and inviting, without the frustration of broken irrigation heads or wasted water. That’s why we partner with Rachio, Rain Bird, and Hunter, the top names in irrigation technology, to bring you efficient watering, worry free.

Trust Your Commercial Irrigation Service to North by Northwest

You want your property to look great, feel welcoming, and attract new tenants, buyers, or customers.
commercial property lawn and landscape in Austin TX
Dead lawn and wilted plants won’t exactly seal the deal. So, make sure your irrigation system is on top of its game.

It starts with a skilled, attentive commercial irrigation company that won’t let you down.

We’d love to partner with you to make your landscaping impressive and your job hassle-free.

Are you ready for stress-free landscaping? Schedule a time to meet with one of our experts today. We’ll gather the details, create a customized plan just for you, and you can stop stressing as we improve and beautify your commercial property.

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