Landscaping Around Business Signs: Design & Planting Tips

Maybe you think those big letters on your business sign are enough to attract attention.

But think about how many signs people see every day. Lots.

So, you need to make your signage stand out and make a great first impression.

Plants, right? But not just any plants. Life is tough out there around your dry, sunny signs.

Landscaping around business signs is trickier than it seems.

Here’s how to pull off the perfect landscape design around signs.Commercial sign landscaping

Landscaping Around Signs: It Needs to Be Tough

Your signage landscaping won’t exactly get constant pampering.

You need tough guys that look great, need little maintenance, and basically take care of themselves.

We’re talking about signage landscaping plants that are drought-tolerant, disease-tolerant, and pest-tolerant.

Nothing fussy here, please. Avoid plants that need a lot of deadheading, or fertilizing, no matter how pretty.

You have enough on your plate, right? You don’t want a bunch of picky, needy high-maintenance plants.

Oh, and not too tall. Some landscaping plants are real beauties — but they’ll grow so tall they’ll block the lettering on your sign.

Great Plants for Landscaping Around Signage

Here’s a look at a few superstar plants we love to use for landscaping around signs:

‘Sky Pencil’ Holly

This narrow, column-shaped holly is great as a focal point next to signs. It attracts attention, but placed to the side, it doesn’t block the sign.

Its dark green foliage stays green all year long and often sports small purple berries in fall.Sky Pencil Holly

Blue Point Spiral Juniper

A whimsical spiral-shaped shrub or tree automatically draws attention to your business signage.

This variety is deer resistant, drought tolerant, and easy to grow. It just needs a bit of trimming once a year to keep its curves looking great, adding instant appeal to your business signage.Blue point spiral juniper

Holly ‘Colonnade’

This holly with glossy, bright green foliage grows tall, but not wide, so it’s great for flanking your business sign, drawing attention without taking up too much room. It also comes in an eye-catching spiral form.Holly - Ilex x RT

‘Lemon Lime' Nandina

This beauty with its bright yellow color attracts attention, but stays small and compact so it won’t obscure your sign.

It keeps its color all year long and is great paired with darker green plants for contrast. And, no pruning needed!Lemon Lime Nandina

‘Color Guard’ Yucca

Tough as nails, yuccas are the ideal plant for low-maintenance signage landscape design.

‘Color Guard' has bright creamy-yellow leaves with green edges. Its spiky, swordlike foliage combines nicely with all kinds of mounded foliage plants.

Bonus: spectacular sturdy flower stalks rise 3-4 feet tall from the center of the plant in summer, drawing extra attention. Bell-shaped, creamy white flowers are 2-3 inches long and dangle from the stems.Yucca - Color Guard

Drift Roses

Ground cover roses designed to be easy, these stunners stay low, perfect for signage landscape design.

Vibrant in red, pink, coral, or apricot, they attract attention, but are very low maintenance and drought tolerant.

They bloom reliably from spring to frost like fussy flowers, but they’re tough.Drift Roses

Landscaping Around Signage: Maintenance Matters

Wow, your new signage landscaping looks amazing!

Now, please don’t forget about it. Maintenance is as important as installation.

Mulch will help keep the weeds under control, retain moisture, and create a tidy look.

Regular professional maintenance will ensure those attention-getting plants stay healthy, weed-free, and don’t grow so tall they block your signage or the lighting fixtures that illuminate it.

Signage Landscaping: What Happens If You Get It Wrong?

Anybody can plop down some pretty plants and flowers and call it landscaping for business signage.

Then, welcome to your nightmare.

If they didn’t choose wisely, your new plants might soon outgrow their spot, obscure your signage, or die of thirst.

If plants are too crowded, they’ll need replacing. If they grow too tall, they’ll need frequent trimming.

That means extra work, and extra money.

Or partner with a skilled, experienced landscape designer who not only knows what plants work great for every situation, but knows the unique challenges of signage landscaping.

Need Business Signage Landscaping Done Right the First Time? Trust North by Northwest

A bare, cold concrete sign isn’t very welcoming.

The right plants soften those hard edges, add instant appeal, and show people your business is well cared for, so they know you’ll take good care of them, too.

Let us help you get it right the first time.

We’d love to partner with you to make your Austin,TX business, apartment complex or HOA signage impressive and appealing and your job hassle-free.

Are you ready for stress-free landscaping in Austin, TX? Schedule a time to meet with one of our experts today. We’ll gather the details, create a customized plan just for you, and you can stop worrying as we improve and beautify your property.

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Image Source: 'Sky Pencil' Holly, Blue Point Spiral Juniper, Ilex x RT, 'Lemon Lime' Nandina, 'Color Guard' Yucca, Drift Rose