Erosion Control Options and Services in Austin, TX: How to Fix Commercial Properties

Water can be your commercial property landscaping’s best friend — or its biggest enemy.

It keeps your landscape healthy, but when it’s out of control, water can wash away your topsoil, expose your tree roots, damage your buildings’ foundations, and carry pollutants into the water system.

If a lot of this sounds like a big expensive hassle, you're right.

Here’s a look at how erosion control companies in Austin, TX can help.

Where Erosion Strikes 

Ask North by Northwest division manager Cory Essman about the erosion nightmares he’s seen, and he has a whole list. 

An apartment complex let its trees grow so thick the shade killed the lawn and plants, leaving mostly dirt. 

The resulting erosion has damaged a building foundation so much it’s actually starting to move. 

Another apartment complex created a river gravel swale — a great erosion solution. But they didn’t use erosion control fabric to keep the drainage gravel from mixing with the soil underneath. 

When it rains, it floods. 

Commercial properties have a ton of potential for erosion control problems. 

Steep slopes. Construction projects that create large expanses of bare soil. Big expanses of pavement that can’t absorb rainwater, so it quickly ends up flowing from your property right into the groundwater and nearby lakes and streams, taking all sorts of pollutants with it.

Even the weather here in central Texas can contribute to erosion problems. We often get heavy rain after a long drought. 

The dry, baked ground can’t soak up the rain fast enough, so it washes the soil away.

Erosion Control in Austin TX: The Solutions 

Erosion control needs vary, and so do the solutions.

Commercial property with retaining wall to control erosion

Here’s a quick look at some of the ways erosion control companies in Austin fix the problem:

  • Physical barriers like silt fencing or retaining walls. 
  • Re-grading low spots and leveling the landscape to reduce slopes and uneven elevations. 
  • Permeable pavers that let water filter through, rather than run off asphalt or concrete. 
  • Concrete swales that collect the water that flows off your paved area and direct it down concrete channels where you want it to go.
  • Rain gardens that encourage storm water to soak slowly into the ground instead of flowing directly into storm drains — and look great while they work. 
  • Retention basins that collect water from rain and runoff and release it slowly, preventing erosion.
  • Plants strategically installed on steep slopes to slow down water and soil. 
  • Ground covers that spread quickly and help keep soil in place.
  • Netting or erosion control fabric to hold the soil in place until new plants are established 
  • Hydro seeding to get grass established quickly. 

Erosion Control Companies in Austin TX: Who Fixes Erosion Problems?

Here in Austin, you can find companies with “erosion control” in their company name. Obviously, they deal with erosion control.

But so do some landscaping companies.

Here at North by Northwest, erosion control is one of our specialties. But we do a lot of other related work, too, which means if you have an erosion control problem and a related drainage issue, (they often go hand in hand) we can fix both.

It means if your erosion problem can be controlled by adding plant materials, we’re experts in that.

plants on commercial property

And if you have other landscaping needs on your commercial property, we can meet those, too.

Some erosion control companies specialize in hydroseeding, using fast-growing grass to stabilize soil.

But as you can see from our list above, that’s not the only solution.

Look for a company that has a lot of erosion control tricks up their sleeve. 

Trust Your Austin TX Erosion Control to North by Northwest

Erosion problems aren't patient. They need attention right away.

But you have a million other things clamoring for your time and attention. 

Let the pros handle the stress so you can focus on the rest of your long to-do list. We make erosion control in Austin, TX easy. 

Are you ready for stress-free landscaping? Schedule a time to meet with one of our experts today. We’ll gather the details, create a customized plan just for you, and you can stop stressing as we improve and beautify your Austin, TX property.

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